Right now, there is tremendous interest in the possibility of getting free Xbox 360 games. This is hardly surprising as the economic situation is so dire, which makes spending lots of cash on expensive games rather difficult. Yet gamers still thirst for new exciting games to play, so let’s see what the options are.

In the first place, a Google search will show there are sites that advertise illegal downloads of cracked Xbox games. Once downloaded, the files can be burned onto your own optical discs and then played on the Xbox in the normal way. While some gamesters swear by this method of obtaining free Xbox 360 games, the fact is that if you download from these sites you will be skating on thin ice. These downloads are illegal and could get you into trouble with the law. It’s up to you but there is no denying it’s a risky business.

A better alternative might be to sign up with one of the popular rewards websites that offers free games and other items in return for loyalty purchases and subscription trials. It is a simple matter to register on the website and then look at the options for generating the all-important rewards.

Some people do make the mistake of spending unwisely on these websites, because they are desperate to get their hands on free Xbox 360 games. Of course, you can work it to your advantage, provided you restrict yourself to items and trials that are of genuine interest to you.



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